malawi floods

In March and April, 2019 the Society of medical Doctors supported the Malawi Government during the disastrous event by floods which preceded Cyclone Idai. The devastation was worse in the Southern region of the country.

It was estimated that over 850,000 people were directly affected, with about 90,000 people internally displaced (IDPs). About 59 deaths were registered, with 3 missing persons and over 700 people injured.

As a medical professional body, our main aim was to provide medical relief to the flood victims and displaced people living in camps by doing the following:

  • Provide technical support through provision of medical care to the displaced people, through outreach service delivery which could allow the people to access care within the camps and be treated, advised or referred appropriately.
    1. To diagnose and manage acutely ill patients
    2. To screen and identify chronically ill patients including those already diagnosed who might have lost their medications and documentation of their conditions and help reinstitute treatment.
  • Advocate for the nutritional and other social needs of the flood victims according to the assessment findings during the outreach